Standard Features:

  • Turning piles for "work and turn" jobs in less than 2 minutes, versus 20 to 30 minutes by hand. Does not squeeze the paper, which means no offsetting.
  • Prepare piles for continuous feeder operation
  • Aerate a freshly printed job to shorten drying time
  • Easily exchange shipping skids with pressroom skids or vice versa
  • Aerate and clean board before printing
  • To easily remove waste sheets from a printed pile
  • Quickly turn a job for the bindery area
  • Remove two piles from a single shipping skid and place on two individual skids or vice versa
  • Turn and transport unstable piles; die-cut; stamped; signatures; booklets; etc, transport and pile.
  • Jog and aerate a new or printed skid or paper
  • Increasing safety

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