New releases promise excellent return on investment

Neil Southerington of Graffica has returned from drupa 2008 confident that two new releases from principals he represents in Australia will be well received on the Australian market especially in the current economic climate where every dollar counts. The new four-colour Hamada H 466 66 cm and the long-anticipated Toppy air jogger both offer high performance and ensure excellent return on investment.

Working on the formula that print margins are tight and most work can be produced on a four-colour press, Hamada released its new model with the emphasis on speed. The unit operates at 15,000 iph and comes with E.P.S. (easy plate setting) cocking, remote registration, ink control, CIP3 connectivity, Diamond encrusted grippers and triple race roller bearings, all for $660,000. Southerington says that the price has been kept reasonable by eliminating features such as automatic blanket wash-up which are superfluous to many printers' requirements in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

He checks off the benefits: "Speed, got it; fast makeready, got it; strength and reliability, got it, and purchase price, got it. This press will mean the owner can compete with anyone, and will not be working all hours just to make lease repayments. It will also mean printers will have a new high performance press available that they can afford without taking the dangerous trip through the used machinery minefield."

The all new Toppy pile turner with built-in air and jogging has all the features of a fixed unit, plus the huge advantage of full electronic drive. Printers and packagers can now condition air and jog full stacks of paper and board anywhere in the factory and transport stacks where they are required without double handling. Users can also be confident of the reliability of the equipment produced by Toppy as it already has 6000 mobile pile turner sales to its credit.