Materials handling extends guillotine’s appeal

On the SBL stand in Hall 11 at drupa, the new range of materials handling equipment for the Datien guillotine range is attracting the interest of those whose choice has previously been limited to systems from Polar and Wohlenberg. "Very few printers look to buy new guillotine without some form of handling," explained Neil Southerington, managing director of Graffica, the Australian representative for the sturdily built Taiwanese machinery. "We are now able to offer a full solution including counting and stack turning."

Jogging, lifting and unloading facilities allow the job to be controlled at the guillotine, no longer requiring the operator to aerate and jog stock or manually lift or lower heavy product. It is ideally suited for 92cm, 115cm and 137mm production, although some components can be supplied for the largest three-metre Datien machine.

Since Graffica took on the agency and displayed a unit at Pacprint, ten Datien guillotines have been sold in the Australian market, the first being a 115cm machine with an enlarged side table and built-in stack lift. More recently the expansion of the large-format market, developed in response to market requests worldwide by large-format digital and screen printers for a unit capable of trimming larger than life point-of-sales signage and displays, has seen the installation of two 260cm models in the local market.

The appeal of Datien products lies in their competitive pricing for such well specified machinery. "The servo-driven back gauge is one of the fastest on the market and coupled with computerised positioning allows jobs to be cut with much greater accuracy and hideed in less time. The heavy duty engineering, dual arm activated blade holder, fast and simple blade changing, exceptional electronics programming and safety system, plus the overall hide of the Datien is as good as the leading brands," observes Southerington. "The addition of materials handling equipment to an already attractive package represents true value for money with an excellent return on investment."