Hamada's new combination models at IGAS offer value for money

The star at the Hamada stand at IGAS was undoubtedly the B452 Mark II. Two-colour and four-colour versions fitted with envelope feeders and delivery were running high quality four-colour envelopes at high speed.

Neil Southerington, managing director of local agent Graffica, said one of the main attractions of the Hamada B452 Mark II is that it can output work com-petitive to digital print at an affordable price. "From fine screens to large solids, tight registration to four-colour process, the B452 Mark II handles them with ease. It offers fast makereadies, high productivity, all while maintaining the highest print quality.

"With all of the time-saving features, compact design and solid construction we have come to expect from Japanese manufacturers, it's no wonder print shops are raving about this model. Six were sold whilst I was at the expo. One Japanese printer has seven B452s presses in one small print shop," he added. Graffica also purchased a four-colour B452 Mark 11 press during IGAS which will be available for demonstration at its Melbourne showroom in the new year.

Also displayed was the 1/1 Duetto dedicated perfecting press with double feeder. The machine produces perfected single-colour manuals and books at high speeds of 10,000 cph. It also features time-saving auto plate loading and auto blanket washing. Another new release was an A3 UV pattern and overall coater. This free-standing machine with universal feeder aimed at the digital and small offset print market is simple to use for the untrained operator.

A further development from Hamada and Hirose was a double off-line A2 coater. The first unit comprises a Hamada print unit for pattern coating. Whilst still wet the stock proceeds to a second coating unit, which with the use of special coatings gives an embossed effect plus many other possibilities.

The new combinations proved to be a hit with one local printer negotiating the purchase of a four-colour B452 with envelope feeder and an off-line coater package to service his busy inner city print shop and digital copy centre.