Established 25 years ago, to supply premium equipment and service to the Packaging and Point of Sale industries, throughout the Asia Pacific region. More recently our entry into the Custom box JIT market has been amazing. The Brown shipping box is no longer a “transport item” but a sales tool an advertisement , trackable and totally Green as well.
Displays have gone nuts and these companies need die cutters and box makers to handle custom made boxes on demand. We have that proven solution.




2018 saw MIG Packaging in Melbourne add two raised high speed SMOOTH 106 Die cutters From our high end Taiwanese supplier. This makes 4 x Smooth 106 machines for MIG. The year also saw the installation of another die cutter and Fully Auto Forme making equipment to BML in Melbourne. There were two Century 1650 die cutters for Sydney and Melbourne.
Another massive year for the shorter run Custom Box Biz, as JIT gathers some serious momentum. The end user now realises there is no such thing as a cheap box. One end user told me. After I had put him in touch with one of our box maker users “ Previously I paid a $1.90 for an oversize box and .20 cents for filler. Had to wait, and take more than needed. Then I realised the oversized box had cost me an extra $1.00 in courier fees, and on sea / air fright overseas a whole layer on a pallet” Derrr, No brainer really.
Custom Box machines in my region Jakarta, Singapore, New Zealand (heaps) and Australia. 55 units to date! and four installs in Melbourne and Sydney Scheduled this financial year, already.




We often bring in machines that are not mainstream products, for example 2.6m wide die cutters and guillotines, computer driven forme making equipment etc.